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Unlike other standard hotels, SEA Harmony Eco House offers you truly "home" feeling - you can get local & tourist info direct from us, enjoy homegrown & homeblogmade cooking, soaking in warm welcome making you feel make you feel at ease. SEA Harmony uses natural resources wisely and only one place where your host, Node & Indy pay attention to small details from growing our own vegetables to serve on your table and making you feel like staying "home"

" Travel like local " from our real travel experiences around Hua Hin and Thailand, we could help you to travel like local and you can also read our stories and blog from our website.



You can choose from our 5 boutique rooms where each room reflect its own character and designs. Find more about our room on our website.


Planing your Holiday in Hua Hin and stay to a place like home at SEA Harmony Eco house by booking direct from our website you could get great deal from our website. Simply get our promotion code or contact us for the deal.



Travel like Local ! your host Node and Indy travel around Hua Hin and Thailand giving you practical travel guide from our personal experiences. What to do? where to eat, how to get there we can help you.

        OUR BOUTIQUE ROOMS        
distinctive designs

SEA Harmony is a boutique  guesthouse B&B comprising  of five guest rooms.
Each room has a unique design with different layouts for each room. Each individual room presents its own character, this page will provide more details about our boutique room so that you can choose the right one for you. Our five en-suite guest rooms have been refurbished and we always renovate our house bringing you a comfortable home stay for guests, which soon become friends. From five different guest rooms, we offer four room types based on the floor and deck name – Top Deck (Amber room), Balcony Deck (InnWhite room), Promenade Deck (Cushy and Classic Rooms) and Lower Deck (Navy Room).

SEA HARMONY        Eco Room


A ll of our rooms have been eco-friendly designed to reduce energy consumption through reusing our natural resources effectively. The rooms have a constructive layout and use technologies such as an installed solar socket, grey-water reuse and black-water retreat system, a natural wind allows the air  and breeze flow; we grow aqua-plants to generate coolness; and combine solar driven water pumps to circulate water in the garden to increase a pleasantly cool breeze. We are committing to reducing carbon footprint and green house gases.

The house itself produces electricity using photovoltaic cells,  also known as solar energy. This supplies our entire house and most of lightings at night and it used to back up the main power supply when outages occur.

You will be ensured a stay in a safe and sustainable environment.

Top Deck              Amber


Chroma colour blending with earthy green and brown are represented in the Amber room at SEA Harmony. My inspiration for designing this room simply came from overlooking the scenic view from its balcony.

The view from Amber’s balcony, faces two mountains from the south ( Khao Krirat) and Khao Sanam Chai from the west floating green treetop.

The mountains are coved with many trees where theirs roots grow down through piles of grey and brown stones inspiring me to capture this natural scenic view into this room.

The room comprises one king size bed and modern black granite bathroom. The private balcony shows the western side of Takiab Village where the array of rusty rocky mountains are formed.

Promanade Deck   Classic


The classic room is done great vibrant brown and yellow to reflect French and Thai fusion designs. This room has a real “ Home “ character.

All the wooden elements in the classic room create a homey atmosphere such as the sea pine wooden bed, cane chair, teak wooden floor, wooden picture rails and wooden birdcage bedside table.

This room is particularly special to me as I hand built the bed and install wallpaper and picture rails. I must admit that the classic is my own carpentry lesson.

Classic room is located on the second floor of the house adjacent to the promenade deck rooms where the main living room is just step away from your door.

Promanade Deck  Cushy


An eye catching bed-wall decoration using vibrant cushions is our derived concept  produces the catchy name “ CUSHY”. This is the most modern room in term of look and feel among our 5 boutique rooms.
The idea of this decoration came from reusing cushions that we had around the house. Instead of getting rid of them or selling them  we decided to put them all together creatively in this room as a cushion show case.

This room has also inspired a lot of our guests who previously stayed in Cushy Room to renovate their own bedroom by showcasing some objects of their favourite collectable items on their bed wall, visit our Facebook page for our guests’ inspirations.
If you are seeking your own decorative inspiration then Cushy might be the one to ignite your creative juice!

Sustainable eco living in harmony. Sea harmony is the first eco friendly guesthouse in Thailand
Khao Takiab beaches are the most popular & Low-key long beach in Hua Hin
Short distance walk to Takiab peninsula
Five Boutique guest rooms


               Home Away FROM Home            
Sea Harmony Eco Lodge - Guesthouse - Bed and Breakfast B&B

SEA Harmony Eco Guesthouse HuaHin 8/10 Takiab 6 Takiab Village Hua Hin 77110  VIEW MAP 



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 Booking rooms with us directly from our website help you&us saving money! We pass discounted rates to you without pay commison to travel agency

SEA Harmony Eco Lodge Bed and Breakfast Hua Hin, a real home away from home experience in the quaint seaside village of Khao Takiab - where you can truly relax and soak up the warm homey atmospheres by friendly hosts Node and Indy. All overlooking the mystical, iconic Khao Sanam Chai & Khao Takiab known as monkey mountain or Hua Hin Chopstick mountain waling distance to Takiab peninsula. With five different boutique unique rooms are great place for all travellers who looking for a charm, comfort, distinctive holiday home in Hua Hin/Cha am.

SEA Harmony is the only house in Hua Hin, perhaps in Thailand, that has no waste water drained to the sea & utilities solar and nature resources wisely

4H Reasons Why at SEA Harmony Eco House

Home- Host- Hospitality-Holy Food

Home Quiant "home" away from home

ost Friendly host - we are family run business you will feel ease and welcome with all details around our house

ospitality -  from our in house sevices to Hua Hin all around info, we have hands on experiences for you

o-l-y FOOD - If you have not tried our food you are not yet in Hua Hin, our Eco Cafe has been awards to No. 1 PLACE TO EAT by Tripadvisor over 5 years




Enjoy local lifestyle with truly home atmosphere at SEA Harmony Eco Lodge.

With five boutique guest rooms all eco-friendly with a unique design, you will find yourself pleasantly indulging sustainable environment. Node and Indy are also living at SEA Harmony Guesthouse so we are providing a personal touch services and hospitality and more importantly we are able communicate using both English and Thai as our main language

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Hua Hin & SEA Harmony


Hua Hin & SEA Harmony Takiab

I guess before you are coming to Hua Hin Thailand you probably want to know a bit about background and information of Hua Hin Thailand’s royal city holiday destination.
There are many websites providing very formal information about Hua Hin e.g. latitude, longitude, history and geological background. If you want to know these info about Hua Hin you can simply look up on Wiki or other websites.
I understand that you are here to Hua Hin for holiday and you propably want to know more about tourist's practical information rather than reading on Hua Hin for your examination.

"Huahin” pronounced “ Hua - Hin “ Hua in Thai means head and Hin means stone. Therefore, Hua Hin means “ Stone Head “  the name implies the geography of Hua Hin beach from that covered with rocks and stones.
Hua Hin is located at south of Bangkok ( appx 200 KM from the capital Bangkok). If you are interested to know about how to travel from Bangkok to Hua Hin or Prachub KiriKhun I am writing more details on the next section” How to get to Hua Hin”

Why do you want to come to Hua Hin?

To response to this question, firstly if you are a beach lover - you probably love Hua Hin.
Pattya, Phuket, Khao Samui, Kho Chang, Khao Tao, Chon Buri, Rayoung and so on are Thailand’s top beach destination - why coming to Hua Hin ? There are many factors that making Hua Hin become Thailand’s undercover holiday destination.

  • DO NOT come to Hua Hin if you are into scuba driving, snorkeling or boat trip - there are noting to see under the ocean apart from white sand and black rock  . Indeed Hua Hin is the beach lovers’ destination - Hua Hin is more than a perfect location to relax rejuvinate yourself with sea breeze.
  • Hua Hin is very close to Bangkok traveling only 2.5 hrs ( by car) and public transport is very extensive.
  • Peacefulness - The best city if you come with your family. Bar girls or go go boys pubs, bars have been located in the designated areas so you won’t hear dup dup all night. Plus Hua Hin is a royal city where our current King and previous King stayed or used Hua Hin based as royal palace e.g. Khao Tao palce, Summer Palace of King Rama 6 and more!
  • Love to Eat Love Hua Hin - from fresh seafood to bakery coffee shop or even local favorite foods you can find them all in Hua Hin.
  • Gate way to South of Thailand - Hua Hin is beach capital and gateway to Thailand's Southern Ocean  Destination e.g. Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan in Surat Thani Province, Pattaya in Chonburi Province, Cha-Am in Phetchaburi Province, Hua Hin in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Ko Samet in Rayong Province, and Ko Chang in Trat Province you can use Hua Hin as a Hub - ASK  me if you want to know how to get there easily!
  • Hua Hin = Relaxation with massage and spa - ask us( Node and Indy ) when you get here we will recommend you the best one around Takiab or Hua Hin.
  • Thailand ’s Gay and Lesbian friendly holiday destination. There are many place for gay and lesbian to Hua Hin town - we have visit many places so we can recommend the right one for you !

When we are taking everything in to account, This makes Hua Hin become Thailand’s perfect holiday destination among Thais and soon will be more foreigners.

Recently Thailand Tourism just launched a new short Video ( 1.53 mins) to recap the main attractions in Hua Hin. The charming night markets both Cicada and Chai Chat Huahin's original night market only short distance away from SEA Harmony Eco Lodge.

 SEA Harmony Hua Hin Takiab Village

" Home " is  one perfect word to describe our SEA Harmony Eco Lodge  Bed and Breakfast. Our house has a distinctive character and personal touch as same as our website. Indy and I have gained our travel & holiday experiences around Huahin, Thailand and around the world creating holiday home with friendly hospitality to our guests. You can read H Blog where we are sharing our own traveling experiences e.g. Hua Hin Food&Drinks, traveling around Hua Hin, Hua Hin Hotels and resorts and more.

On SEA Harmony website you can book room directly with us so you will be ensured to gain direct support from Node and Indy without mucking around with travel agents and more importantly with friendly rates.
Do you need us to planing your trip?  We can help you organize your Hua Hin trips while you are staying with us.

SEA Harmony Eco Cafe is our food & drinks and socializing hub for all who love delicious healthy dishes. We use our organic vegetables for our garden and local supplies as a key ingredient.

While you are staying with us at SEA Harmony, we could help you to plan your trip to many places to suit your lifestyle and interests from local with real local experience (Indy and myself).

How to get to Hua Hin Thailand


Hua Hin is very accessible by all transport type e.g.  car, taxi, train public transport and plane.

Public Transport Mini bus or van to Hua Hin City

There are more than 3 mini bus companies service from Victory Monument Bangkok, South terminal or Mor Chit Bangkok bus terminal to HuaHin City Center. it’s cost about 180 B one way.
You can also take Airport bust Hua Hin cost 305 B ( price update as 10/10/14)

Most of  Buses or Vans you drop you off at  Hua Hin Clock tower near Hua Hin Temple. From there you could take the green mini bus ( Song Teaw ) on the same side of the Clock Tower and make sure it ’s Green Bus and it will be terminate at Khao Takiab coz there are many colour of buses go different routes.

The public green bus usually take around 20 - 30 mins to our guesthouse. To get off the bus  you just bus the bell on the bus and allow  approximately 2 mins for the driver prepare to stop.
The bus will pass Amari Hotel on the left and after about 400 meters keep looking on the right and get off at “ Takiab 6"

Most of you who ‘ve never been in Thailand before you have to learn a new terminology of using Thai buses. When you mention “BUS” to Hua Hin there are three different terms

BUS = usually refer to the Blue VIP Bus  from Bangkok ( South Terminal ) to Hua Hin cost around 200 B, taking about 3 hours. There are pros and cons for any buses
Pros : More leg, room Comfortable, Toilet on broad, no luggage charged
Con:  slow as the size of the bus is big and difficult to divert to any short cut, South terminal is far from city centre( therefore you end up pay more ) and  the bus service only a few times per day

MINIBUS = VAN = Mini Van = they are all the same but call differently  they are more than 4 diferent Van Companies and they are terminated diffrent locations.
Van is quick which takes less than 3 hours.
The big negative are risky, they are fast ( there are  a lot of accident reports ) and very small.Also you have to pay extra when you have extra lougges or bags

Therefore, when you are referring “bus” make sure you specify more details to prevent your misunderstanding!

Trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin run daily from Hua Lumphong Station to Hua Hin Station. The ticket cost from 44 B to 202 B depend on services types

Checking the timetable on the website:


Travel by train seems to be the cheapest option and the negative side is train in Thailand always DELAY. If you are booking third class train, you would experience your bum soared due to hard-wood seat, crowed passengers and massive delay ( because government offers  free 3 rd class Train ticket for Thais) . It can be take up to 6 hours depend on your tickets and unexpected incident!

Airport bus
There are airport bus from Su-wan-na -pum Airport ( suvarnabhumi airport, I wrote the way the airport should be pronounced) cost 303 B
I found that this is very comfortable and reliable service compare with other option above.
Check out the bus fare and timetable on http://www.airporthuahinbus.com/
You could book it online and plan your trip ahead!


There are only a few services flying to Hua Hin and these services have been changed very often, I think I won’t mention this option too much. Also I have found the website of Hua Hin Airport is useless. Here is the link http://www.huahinairport.com   and let me know if you found the website useful !

Apparently Thai Lion Air Flying to Hua Hin check out the website http://www.lionair.co.id/default.aspx
Taxi or Car

I think this option is the most convenience but it would be a little more expensive than public transport.
Taxi from Hua Hin to BKK or vice versa cost around 1800 - 2500 B depend on the company and taxi types. I will write more about Taxi Services later as there are  a lot of factors to be concerned.
If you wish us to arrange taxi for you with Hua Hin Taxi Company please contact us 48 hours in advanced.

HUA HIN to SEA Harmony

Just incase you are driving to SEA Harmony. You can get the navigator from google map to our house. From Hua Hin City you are keep drink about 10 mins before Fly OVER Bridge turn left to Takiab Village then continue driving about 1 KM looking the sign on your right “ Takiab 6 “ Then turn right to our guesthouse.

If you are taking the taxi the from Hua Hin city and train station, the easiest way is tell the driver to go to SEA Harmony Takiab 6 OR  pass my telephone number to the driver I will deal with the driver .
The standard price for the taxi is round 150-200 B depend on the type of vehicles and your negotiation skill!

NOTE : Taxi in Hua Hin is not the same as Bangkok Taxi meter. It’s more like personal car with little sign on the car or pick up car with the roof.

To do in Hua Hin


Hua Hin has so many things to do. If you are choosing to stay at SEA Harmony Eco Lodge Bed and Breakfast, make sure you allow your full day long exploring around Takiab Village. There are many places to see in walking distance please refer to our video guide, Kascha will take you around the Khao Takiab Village. If you are planing to travel outside of Takiab Village, here is more info for you.

I have done a research on the internet together with my own experiences for all places around Hua Hin .I have found a list on Tripadvisor based on the most reviews about on 23 Hua Hin's Attractions. I have found the top Hua Hin attraction as follows;

 1.Paramotor Hua Hin Thailand
2.Banyan Golf Club : Behind Banyan Resort
3.Black Mountain Water Park : Up on Hua Hin Pa La U Waterfall
4.Huay Mongkol Temple : Hua Hin 's biggest Buddha statue
5.Klai Kang Won Palace : Current King Rama 9 Hua Hin Palace
6.Hua Hin Railway Station : Hua Hin City Center next to Hua Hin night market
7.Suan Son Pradipat Beach : SEA Pine garden on the way to Pranburi beach
8.Hutsadin Elephant Foundation: Elephant village on Hua Hin Pa La U Road
9.Pala-U Waterfall : Hua Hin's natural waterfall
10.Maruekatayawan Palace: Thai King Rama 6 Summer Palace
11. Sea Pines Golf Course : Golf course run by Thai's military
12.Wat Khao Takiab: Hua Hin iconic Mountain known as Monkey mountain or chopstick moutain
13.Hua Hin Beach : Hua Hin Long beach from the city to end of Takiab village
14.Turtle Island (Ko Tao): Hua Hin mountain village and King Rama 9 Thailand Royal Reservoir project
15.Chopsticks Hill (Khao Takiab) : The famous Hua Hin 's Resort and seafood restaurants
16.PlearnWan : Hua Hin original Vintage Shopping Mall and Market
17. Royal Hua Hin Golf Club
18.Elephant Village :  Repeated list same with above Hutsadin Elephant Foundation
19.Wat Huai Mongkol : Repeated list same with above Huay Mongkol Temple
20.Hua Hin Safari : Hua Hin Zoo on the way to Paranbuti
21.Wat Khao Krailas:Hua Hin Meditation Temple
22.Kiriya yoga huahin : Hua Hin City Yoga

I have found that this list on Tripadvisor list is not really making senses for number of reasons. Firstly, Paramotor Hua Hin is not really tourist attraction, it 's quite confusing.In fact, It's just commercial leisure and activities in Hua Hin downtown!
Number two and three on the list are golf club and Black mountain water park are not Hua Hin attractions. Indeed, this list is really about business listing directory in Hua Hin!
Literally I think SEA Harmony Guesthouse would have been one of  tourist attraction on this Tripadvisor list, just need you guys to write reviews on it.

Therefore, I am making a new list based on my personal and my guest experiences and its proximity from Hua Hin downtown as well as from our guests who shared their stories on the internet and Tripadvisor. Let's rewrite a new list of " SEA Harmony Hua Hin's Top Attractions"

 1. Khao Ta Kiab Beach and Mountain : Only 3 minutes walk from SEA Harmony Guesthouse you can easily access low key and clean beach that you can really swim. Form the white dandy beach you can walk to Khao Takiab mountain and fisherman village only take 15 mins along the beach.There are a lot of things to do in this village, to help you to find the places. Here is the checklist thing to do in Takiab Village.
- visiting standing golden buddha image ( landmak for Khao Takiab)
- climbing up Khao Takiab mountain to see magnificent views and feed scary monkeys
- having seafood along fisherman village
- walking along mangrove field( which it will be extinct soon)
and climbing to Krailas Temple

2. Cicada Market : The charmest market in Hua Hin open only weekend hight only 20 mins walk from SEA Harmony Hua Hin guesthouse.3. Hua Hin City Market: This is an original night market in Hua Hin open every nights from 6 pm to mid night.

3. Hua Hin downtown and night market: Hua Hin Town is in fact the oldest beach resort of the country and is still as popular as ever.
The town used to be a quiet fishing village into a popular beach resort. Today Hua Hin downtown is busy with tourists and locals who want to enjoy the beach and city lifestyle. The busy and crazy beach is near Hilton and Dusit Thani Hotels and just opposite the main street you can enjoy a wild night life every night!

4. Hua Hin Rail way station: The railway station is recognize as the most beautiful train  station in Thailand.The first major event which led Hua Hin to its prosperity was the construction of the southern railway line in the reign of King Rama VI (1910-1925), which was soon followed by the establishment of the Railway Hotel and the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. But the most important of all was the construction of the summer palace by King Rama VII in 1926 which he named Klai Kangwon Palace (meaning "far from worries"). From then on, people have kept flocking to this newly-discovered seaside resort to enjoy their holidays, especially in the hot season.

5. Floating markets : There are two floating markets in Hua Hin, Hua Hin floating market and Sam Pan Nam Floating market.The choice is yours but don't expect too much about those market. I would says it'sjust  shops a long man-made pound that's all!

6.Hua Hin Hills Vineyard: Hua Hin Hills is part of Siam Winery the same company that produces SPY Winecooler. There is a nice restaurant that you can appreciate  relax atmosphere where grapes for  Monsoon Valley Wines are grown and delicious foods.

7. The summer palace " Maruekatayawan: A beautiful functional, yet elegant, teak  summer palace built on stilts. Massive  living spaces and interconnecting walkways are raised off the ground at second storey level. The palace is surrounded by peaceful gardens with majestic mature trees. This summer palace was build for King Rama VI and his entourage when they decamped to his Hua Hin getaway.

8. PlearnWan : The old style shopping center with bed and breakfast in Hua Hin, only 20 mins away from SEA Harmony Hua Hin Guesthouse

9. Pala U waterfall : The fertile waterfall and great escape from busy life in Hua Hin. The water fall is located in the south of Keng Kajan National Park which next to Myanmar border. I went there when I was 17 year old and I remembered this waterfall well because my dad car was broken down in the middle of the hill. Pala U is about 60 KM away from Hua Hin downtown.

10. Elephant and Art Village:  I have combined the last two places together coz it s not really far apart. I think I don't have to describe those place much as those names are quite self-explanatory.

 From 2014 There will be more commercial tourist attractions and theme shopping center and water park in HuaHin. Stay tune with us we will update you more details.

Eating in Takiab Hua Hin


Eating in HuaHin Part 1 Takiab Village Hua hin

I understand all food lovers that they are hunting the best food around wherever they go coz I am doing the same when I was travelling. Hua Hin is also another food capital in Thailand. Hua Hin offers many great dining restaurants and cafes with various type of cuisine and seafood restaurant in Huahin is very famous! From Takiab village at the end we have tried to eat almost every restaurants

  • Sopa Seafood Restaurant : Located at the far end of Takiab Peninsula at the beach front
  • Kua Ban Krun Restaurant: Next to the Sopa seafood also at Takiab beach front
  • Bann Poo Oen Restaurant: Opposite LanTom Takiab Temple
  • Pasao SEAFOOD : BBQ seafood just before Takiab police box
  • Supatra Restutarnat : Takiab beach front and attach to Supatra resort
  • Yummy Corner: My ex-resturant located at Takiab 5
  • Eco Cafe: at SEA Harmony Eco House Takiab 6
  • Let’s Eat : Takiab 3
  • The Lord:  Takiab 2
  • Cicada Night market area : There are many restaurants and cafes around Cicada Market where you could find Thai food, BBQ, SEA Food, Issan food and international food e.g Italian and Japanese. Aslo Cicada Night has many food stalls in the market that open from Friday Night to Sunday night.  

Most Thais come to Hua Hin on the weekend and head to Takiab Village for  SEA Food so if you are coming to Takiab from 6 pm to 8 pm on weekend and public holiday you will expecrience bad traffic on the main street ( Takiab Road or Hua Hin 87
I am going to put more details and photos of aforementioned restaurants on my  website or If you are staying at SEA Harmony we can sit down and give you more details so you can eat and choose your own restaurant like local people here.

Tips and Tricks


The best way to get around HuaHin and visit most tourist attractions ?
When are you coming only a one night you always thinking about going to many places and you don’t really have enough time to explore around.  We can certainly help you to achieve your traveling plan in HuaHin.
We have hand-on experience about traveling around so we can suggest you the best options for your HuaHin traveling.
The best option is renting private taxi so you can customise your own trip without lookup on the map and let the taxi driver doing all the hard job for you e.g. driving to your destination, buy the tickets for you ( if required entree fee), looking up the route on the map or even find out more details of your destination. Just sit down and tell us where do you want to visit in HuaHin or even in Thalland and we will help your plan your trip and get the fair private Taxi cost.

Which day is the best day to visit Hua Hin??
There are more activities in HuaHin on the weekend, therefore, you might experience heavy traffic especially on Hua Hin main road and Kao Takiab. Then your trip in HuaHin might get worse and worse when you also face over crowed everywhere you go
in HuaHin for example HuaHin's Tourist attractions ( especially Cicada night market, HuaHin Winery and HuaHin PernWan Vintage Shopping Mall  as well as most of restaurants and Cafes. This crowed cost your trip coz it may take you longer in the quque and more importantly services and outcomes never get right! .Here we having HuaHin travel tip for you.  If you are not working on Manday then come to HuaHin on Sunday, this because most of  accommodations e.g. Hua Hin hotels ,resort, guesthouse and hostel are cheaper! Most of hotels and resorts apply their weekend rate on Friday and Saturday night so Sunday is cheap day for you. Also you still get weekend activities going on on Sunday night but less visitors. Traffic is not too bed in Hua Hin and TaKiab because you are traveling against the traffic! Friday is a good day in HuaHin as most of people travel to HuaHin on Saturday.


Q: Cheapest rates Agoda, Hostelworld or Expedia 

A: There are many websites where you can book our rooms with your prefered options and room types. Some of website offer room only, some included breakfast. If you compare the same room type with breakfast, our rate is friendly direct rate. If you find other website cheaper than us we can beat the price for you.

Q: What's our rates and availability?

Check on our reservation page our rate is real time and you can book instantly.

Q: Airport pick up or taxi service?
A: We can arrange taxi for you and we require 24 hours to confirm your booking with Hua Hin Taxi Company.
The price depends on the type of vehicles and number of passenger e.g.
Taxi for 1-3 passengers from International Suwannabhumi Airport to HuaHin is about 2200 B
Please contact us for taxi quotation and we will get back to you ASAP

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Reading about our stories about Hua Hin and Thailand. Tricks and Tips around Hua Hin

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