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Sunday, 25 May 2014 00:00

How to Cope with the curfew

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How to Cope with the curfew in Thailand and What’s the impacts in Hua Hin


How to Cope with the curfew in Thailand and What’s the impacts in Hua Hin

Most of you know about the cope in Thailand recently, for those who have been in Thailand long enough they all understand that it ’s not really a big deal like most medias reported on the news.
I just want to re-assure you that you don’t need to worries and panic about the coup and curfew. All you have to do just adjust a few things.


All Thai businesses are still operating as usual with a new business arrangement e.g. business hours and staff etc….
Most of them operating until 10pm including Seven Elven and all service stations. If your trip is involved road traveling and require to travel after 10 pm, you may need to carry your travel document to proof the reason why you have to travel after 10.
If you are planing to go to pubs or bar then plan to get there earlier and drink as much as you can until 9 pm.

To me I think this is a good change to re-shape freedom and life style of Thais more, also this helps the security on the road.
All internet, mobile network, TV network are still operating as normal.

Let’s get more details in Hua Hin. I have found that Hua Hin is one of the safest place in Thailand in this point in time. There are a few polices and soldiers on the street just to check that the business owners are closing their business before restricted hours. Night markets e.g. Chat Chai Night market or Cicada Market are still busy especially between 7-8 pm as people rush to go home early. In our Takiab Village are still the same, you still swim and walk along the beach after 10 pm.
Hua Hin Big Shopping Mall e.g. Market Village they close at 8 pm instead or 9.30 pm.
SEA Harmony and Yummy corner are still hosting our guests, In fact, it makes our guesthouse feel more like home. This is  because most of guests could stay at home more and socializing with us and other guests so they can update Thai current situation.
Most of our guests prefer to take it easy by relaxing on the beach which I often give them a few choices for the beaches that suit their life style.

If you are panning to come to Hua Hin make sure that your train or bus arrive before 9 pm  and once you are staying with us at SEA Harmony during curfew we will keep  you informed and provide a safe home stay.


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