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Saturday, 14 June 2014 00:00

Hua Hin's Wet Time

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Hua Hin's Wet Timegarden

The raining season lasts from July-October.Infact, we are experiencing mind rain in last couple days.However, Hua Hin does not suffer from the monsoon downpours that the north and south get. Since we have our guesthouse in Hua Hin we haven’t experienced a real heavy rain in Takiab yet. Perhaps Takiab has a good landscape where the peninsula surrounded by array of mountains so when the rain comes the wind bounced the rain back easily!



You can expect temperatures to be at an average of 23-28 degrees centigrade with the evenings slightly cooler than in the hot season so it makes you sleep well at night.

If you are plan to visit Hua Hin in raining season, you still enjoy Hua Hin attractions and night markets. I found that raining season is not really a bad time to come to Hua Hin coz things are cheaper, less crowded so you got decent services.You may need to bring your rain coat or umbrella to keep you dry!

Also we you stay in Hua Hin during raining periods you might have to think about another issue “ electricity outage “. Due to the rapid growth of Hua Hin and the electrical infrasturcture is not really accommodate the big change so we always experience  power outage ( believe or not while I am writing this paragraph, the electricity just wen’t out!) At  SEA Harmony Eco Lodge we have produce our own electricity using solar energy, so you will be ensured that you always have power when the town still in the dark!

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