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Thursday, 18 September 2014 00:00

Hua Hin Trip

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IMG 1129Guess what Indy and I was doing last night ? We were taking holiday by staying overnight in Hua Hin City. This just reminds me about our life in Australia that we often take sleep in different place and in the city  Melbourne CBD.
We started our journey from SEA Harmony ( Hua Hin ) to our city Hotel in town called “ Hua Hin Royal Pavilion “ Just right in the centre of Hua Hin near Night Market.

This journey took us 7 mins by our car and our mission in this trip was”  ONE NIGHT IN HUA HIN LIKE A TOURIST”.

IMG 1112When we arrived at the Hotel, the receptionist offered us a welcome drink but unfourtunately  the bar was closed so welcome drink was changed to check out drink!
The hotel was nice and clean with modern white furnitures as its a main theme of this hotel. Our Deluxe room has white sofa and two single beds ( Actually  I rang up the reception to change to single but it incurs 500 B Extra charge) as we were sticking to our “ tourist mission and live in it ! “ so it ’s never mind so we just gotta sleep separate bed then!

Having checked in to our room we were ready to rock to the night market. As we know that the beach in Takiab is nicer than the city so our plan was only explore the night market. The hotel is very close to the night market so it’s perfect! we only walked 5 mins to the original night market  called Chat Chai Market. This market is a walking street with a lot of souvenirs stalls ( especially Hua Hin Custom Made T Shirts), food, and more decor stuffs! Well we stopped at Hua Hin’s famous ice cream stall called Ni’s ice-cream, it an old homemade ice creams with local flavour e.g Thai Tea, Green Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Chocolate and vanilla. The price was 30 B and you can choose two topping on your ice cream (  neither chocolate nor strawberry sauce topping that you are thinking of but it was a lot of sweeten  tropical fruits)  After we had ice-cream as our entree, we were hunting a local famous food around the night market. There were a dilemma between Pad Thai and Satay Stall or Ko Ti Restaurant. We chosen Ko Ti because we also made Pad Thai at our cafe and when we walk passed by and see the mass production of  noodle in their Pad Thai Wok ( really it doesn’t look nice).

Ko Ti restaurant is located at the corner opposite of night market - open air, al carte, Thai- Chinese food, busy, dinner rush and look outstanding. We went straight to the main meal ( there are no entree section in the menu) ordered - Tom Yum Prawn Soup 150 B ( sound very tourist’s choice), stir fry crab mea with curry power 150 B and fish in clay plot 200 B AND FRIED RICE.  The food wasn’t take long to come and it was just enough for two of us. The clay pot was not a clay pot only stir fried fish served in plastic bowl we did ask the waiter to ensure we got the right dish! Over all the food quality was eatable, it would have been better if they do preseatation on their plate. The restaurant was busy most of the time they even cooked with microwave at the front next to my table ( I found this bizarre). This resturant is good if you are a good self-enteraining eater as you cannot approach or help you when you want to, only help you when they want ( e.g. take the order or check bill) I hope this make sense.

Next mission was dessert and walk to burn! We walked along the arcade at Night Market bought Hua Hin souvenirs for my staff at SEA Harmony ( we were very stick to our mission). We bought banana Roti Bread and walk along to another market called "Chat Sila”.
Chat Sila Market is a new section located next to the original night market, again more souvenirs and food along the arcade. We spent at the night market until 9 pm and walked back to our city hotel. Our room in Royal Hua Hin Pavilion  on our floor was occupied by  heaps of group tour, can you imagine the noise and door slumbing every few mins. We though we won’t be able to sleep if this was on all night.

Breakfast at Royal Hua Hin Pavilion was in the ground floor with buffet. It food was plenty to feed all big group tour siting around us. It was hectic but we accustomed to this. It was a big different from our breakfast, there more selections and less attention. All staff were busy doing they own job with no communication between staffs and customers.

I finally got welcome drink when we checked out at the end and it was a blue cocktail - it was good refreshing. I let Indy drove to work and I was still a tourist taking the bus back to SEA Harmony rush to get back serving breakfast to my guest on time.
It was great fun we definitely doing this again and will share this to you again.



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