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Friday, 31 October 2014 00:00

Cicada Best market in Hua Hin

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Cicada Night Market One of the Most Charming Market in Thailand

img-8836"Night market” Do you really  have enough of this in Thailand yet? Most of you probably think that they are all the same everywhere in Thailand, fashions, accessories, cloths, street food, electronics etc and only locations are different - then you are wrong and you have to go to Cicada Market!
There is something about this market that even us as local people still  go to this market every weekend.

What’s make this market is unique from others ? In this context “ SAME SAME but DIFFERENT “ is best to describe. Cicada market is located in the green garden with distinctive garden beach atmostphere opening air style surrounding with muti-attractions e.g. art exhibition, craft products, street performance, dog show, talented street shows, jazz concert, musical shows, food court and more. Cicada market opens from Friday night to Sunday night 5 pm to 11 pm the markets are filled with handmade, home decor, fashion and accessories, toys and coffee&drinks. If you are planing to walk from SEA Harmony HuaHin guesthouse to Cicada market we recommend two easy directions. If you follow us on Facebook you probably know that we also have our noodle stall in Cicada Food Court, my sister sells Boat Noodle located the back end of the market next to BBQ SEA Food Stall. Simply mention that you are staying at SEA Harmony, my sister would give you extra meat balls in your noodle bowl.

The best night to visit Cicada is Friday and Sunday Night  ( most of Thais from Bangkok usually visit this market or Saturday night)
Warning !! some visitors went to wrong market because there are also market around Cicada market not far from the car park area. This market called “ Tamarind” market where there are heaps of tamarind tree around.
The products and atmosphere are not as good as Cicada Market make sure you walk a bit further in the garden not just around the car park area.



How to walk to Cicada market from SEA Harmony

Plan A: Walk a long Takiab beach ( 20 mine Nature Trail )
You can walk from our house to the beach from Takiab 3 next to SEVEN ELEVEN to the beach the turn left heading to Town and continue walk about 20 mins until you see Hyatt Hotel then cutoff this hotel and walk to the front of hotel.
The market is locate just the front of the hotel.
Plan B: Exposure Takiab main road ( 25 mins)

From our main road ( Takiab 6) turn left heading back to town, you will pass a lot of commercial buildings, hotels,  restaurants, and local businesses. This will give you some ideas about what to buy or where to stop spending money on the way to Cicada market.

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