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Thursday, 06 November 2014 00:00

Loy Kratong in HuaHin

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Huahin loykratongHave you seen a lot of people are creating their own Krathong ( a litter boat ) today made from natural resources e.g.  trunks of banana adorned with flowers or even bread boat that has been displayed in most shops in Thailand.

Because today is “ Loy  Krathong “ day - and what  means to you and Thais? It ’s about pay respect to the goodness of the river. In Chengmai they do diffrently by floating a lantern like a hot-air balloon releasing to the sky at night.

In HuaHin you can float your Krathong anywhere along the river or the sea and there are a few places that they celebrate Loy Krathong with Entertaining & festival.

1. Hua Hin Kao Tao:  located the Royal reservoir Project
2. Takiab Village HuaHin : the main beach area near Takiab Hill and Anantasila Hotel
3. Pranburi : South of Hua Hin under the bridge

We wish you have a great Loy Krathong and enjoy your night

SEA Harmony Eco Lodge HuaHin Takiab

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