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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

How Eco We Are Featured

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How Eco We are?
homeboxecoOur house is designed to be environmentally friendly using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint, minimum wastes and lowers energy need.

sustainable eco living in harmony



“  SEA Harmony is only house in Hua Hin, perhaps in Thailand, that has no waste water drained to the sea & utilises solar and nature resources wisely”     




We have minimised our Carbon Footprint to less than 0.44 metric tons of CO2 & we are the first house in Takiab village that have stopped draining waste water into the sea.

•    Using solar energy to produce electricity 1200 w/hr
•    Waste water management reuse grey water/ recycling backwater
•    Recycling/reuse plastics
•    Composting food waste using earthworms and  bio extract
•    Producing home grown vegetables using our bio compost above
•    Promoting fresh air exchange system


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