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Thursday, 19 February 2015 03:22

High tide is too bad??

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tide1High tide is too bad??


High tide is too bad?? If you think high tide around Takiab is too bad ............well let's s think again! There are many garbage (from travelers and from nature waste e.g. tree, garden and so on) are piling up along Hua Hin  and beach that have not been collected to waste management. The wave and high tide play an important role to swipe all of them away resulting clean sandy beach!!

Normally the tide is not depend on the time, the moon and wind are contributing the change to the tide level. When you come to the Takiab beach next time and you are experiencing high tide let s think this is a beach cleaning time. Coming back and revisit next time, it will be a clean sandy beach for you!

Further question Where were all those rubbish gone?


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