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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:40

About a boy & Tortoises

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For those who have been to our Sea Harmony eco house you may hear our tortoises stories from one of us. For those who has not been to our Hua Hin Eco House we have a happy story to share.Apart of Frenchies and fish, we also have five tortoises, two big tortoises ( Beetroot and Muffin) and three small baby tortoises ( Soufflé, Brookie and brownie ). Their favorite foods are grass, Blue Butterfly flowers and Mulberry leaves. They are really active working faster than our dogs and they are such a real eater in our house. They normally walk around and follow our guests hoping that they could have some food.


Every morning we have 6 year old boy his name is “ Chana” who is picking fresh Blue Butterfly flowers every morning and delivering to straight our house before he goes to school.Thus, we are setting a new campaign ( in the beginning it’s just for fun ) in our Hua Hin Eco House where our guests can buy Blue Butterfly flowers for feeding our tortoises. The money from tortoises food we put towards Chana’s piggy bank and saving money for him so that he use his own money without asking his parent. The photos and video below show how graceful of our guests that help Chana to l. earn the value of money. The total collection is 1200 B here is the messages from Chana, you can see how happy he is!! He also wants to tank you every who visit Hua Hin Eco house and help him for this campaign. We cerebrate his first saving money by taking him out for ice cream at Bluport



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