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We have been waiting so long for East - West Ferry Project that links Pattaya - Hua Hin - Pranburi and Bangkok network

Indy and myself took our Japanese and Thai friends for dinner near Pranburi last two weeks and we were told that the ferry from Pattaya will be coming soon! Most of locals who were doing sun- dried squids along Pak Nam Pran ( end of Pranburi Fishing Village) were moved away from the area. Dwellers told us that there will be a ferry station from Pattaya so fishingmen were moved away from this area! Together with rumor about Junta's transport minister and his team coming to inspect this area very often and also rumor about Hua Hin Ferry Station will be moved to Pranburi.

Recently SEP GROUP has revealed its latest plan for the East-West Ferry project, linking Bang Pu and Pattaya to Pran Buri, saying the Bt15-billion investment would have a multiplier effect for the Kingdom’s economy.

Reported by The Nation : THE NATION May 30, 2016 1:00 am

"Now we are ready to invest in the project, and a number of local and foreign firms have expressed interest in joining us," said Peerapong Prasopsukcharoen, development and planning manager for the group's Siam Eastern Industrial Park Co, who is responsible for the project.

He said the project would boost not only the national tourism sector but also rural economies. The multiplier economic effect was expected to be at least Bt16.5 billion, creating jobs valued at Bt1.8 billion a year, according to a study by the company.

The project was originally proposed by the civilian government of prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra in 2012. It was revived last year by the junta's transport minister, Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, now a deputy prime minister.

Siam Eastern Logistics Terminal Co, one of the SEP Group's companies, was proposed as a private developer of the project. In the middle of last year, Prajin instructed the Marine Department to speed up a feasibility study on the project, and complete it in 12-13 months instead of the normal time frame of 18 months. He argued that the study should not take long, as one had already been conducted in 2012.


According to Peerapong, the SEP Group led by Anantachai Kunanantakul, a real-estate tycoon in Samut Prakan province, has revised the ferry project's investment plan, putting the estimate at around Bt15 billion. Of that, about Bt9 billion would be for building of three ports in Bang Pu, Pattaya and Pran Buri, and the remainder for four mid-sized catamaran-style ferries.

The Pattaya-Pran Buri ferry service would shorten the distance between those two locations to 109 kilometres from 380km and cut the travel time to 1.5 hours from 4.5 hours, he said.

Under the revised proposal, Peerapong said the group had focused more on safety and convenience, using mid-sized catamaran ferries of 120 deadweight tons. Each would have capacity to carry up to 400 passengers, 30 cars, 12 motorcycles, and shipments not exceeding 40 tonnes. At full load, the ferry would have a 2.1-metre draft.

He said there would be 16 daily trips for the Pattaya-Pran Buri route and 20 for the Pran Buri-Bang Pu-Pattaya route.

"The ferry fare would be about Bt1,000 each per trip for passengers and Bt3,000 for a car for the Pattaya-Pran Buri route," said Peerapong, adding that the group expected a total of 2.8 million passengers a year.

He said the ferry service would be operated by a newly established firm, Siam Eastern Logistics Co, while the three ports would be run by Siam Eastern Logistics Terminal Co.

The port to be constructed in Bang Pu, Samut Prakan, would be located in the group's K-City complex, he said. The Pattaya port would be located in Ban Amphur, and Pran Buri's in Pak Nam.

The group proposed that it operate the ferry service for 30 years, after which all three ports would be transferred to the state.


According to ThaiVisa  also talk about this project that;

Terminals will be built at Pattaya (Ban Ampher), Bang Pu (K-City) in the Samut Prakarn area and Pranburi (Pak Nam).

Four mid size catamaran style ferries will be used.

In addition to the direct service between the eastern seaboard and Pranburi there will also be 20 trips a day plying the Pranburi - Bang Pu - Pattaya route.

Project manager Pirapong Prasopsukcharoen said that the project will be a boon not just for tourism coffers but the overall economy expecting it to add 16.5 billion baht to the economy and 1.8 million baht to labour markets.

Plans had originally been mooted in the Yingluck Shinawatra government days but these have now been fast tracked.

Investment will come from SEP as well as other Thai and foreign investors. Some 15 billion baht will be used to build the three terminals and provide the ferries. Siam Eastern Logistics Co will be set up to run the ferry services themselves while Siam Easter Logistics Terminal Co will run the ports. After 30 years the ports will come into the hands of the state.

In addition to the weight of passengers and vehicles, 40 tons of other goods will be able to be carried.

No date has yet been set for the start of the operation.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 05:18

Hua Hin Pre-wetting


My photos of New Year Fireworks along Hua Hin beach in January still are remaining in my camera phone. Together with red Chinese lantern decorations and used Chinese fried crackers are still floating around Hua Hin.
New year festive seasons are still not ending just yet, we are still looking forwards to playing water for upcoming Thai New Year or Song Karn Festival.

Now it’s time for Thai New Year.
Hua Hin is another popular city amoung Thais and forieners cerebrate Thai New Year.
If you are planing to come to Hua Hin on Wednesday 13 April 2016 then beware to get wet.  Where to cerebrate and play water in Hua Hin???

1. Takiab Vilaage and Lan Tom Temple
 From SEA Harmony Guesthouse in Takiab village toward Takiab mountain  you can play water along the main street and make sure you stop at Lan Tom Temple where Traditional Thai  New Year Temple festival are taking place.

more info come and talk to us about details

2. Hua Hin Municipality Park Phon Kieng Petch
This is an offical Hua Hin Thai New Year festival organised by Hua Hin Municipality at Hua Hin Municipality Park Phon Kieng Petch. This is a cultural festival where you expect to see Thai traditional New Year activities.

more info check out this website

3. VANANAVA Jungle water Park
If you are into big festival and concerts don’t miss Hua Hin Jungle water Park, “ Battle in Wonder Land ”  in Vananava Water park is running form 13-15 April 2016.

check out Navanava fanpage

4. Market Village Shopping Centre
Foam party festival is taking place at Market Village every year if you are into concert and foam party don’t miss it!

5. Hua Hin Market : Cicada and Plearn Wan Vintage Market
Hua Hin well know markets Cicada Night market ( 5 mins away from SEA Harmony ) is also celebrate Thai New Year on 13 April 2016

Cicada fanpage

Plearn Wan Vintage Market is also launching  “ Thai Traditional Thai New Year "

Plearn Wan website

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