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Tuesday, 10 December 2019 05:35

Best Tom Yum Soup in Hua Hin

    Tom Yum Soup  

tomyum huahin 

For those who visit Thailand, you may already had Tom Yom Soup in your “ must eat” list in Thailand. Most of restaurants and each kitchen around Thailand may present Tom their Yum soup in different way. This is because of their recipes, and local materials for making Tom Yom each areas relatively different and most important reason is personal preference and taste. Tom Yum Soup can be classified to two types; Tom You clear soup and Tom Yum Thick soup

  • Tom Yum clear soup : this soup is clear and not contained milk of cream and normally use fresh bird eye chili
  • Tom Yum Thick soup: this soup contains milk and chili paste. Even the name implies this Tum Yum as thick soup but it’s not creamy and thick as mushroom or pumpkin soup. The colour of his Tom Yum should be orange with a little bit of oil from cooked chili paste.

At our Eco Café Hua Hin we have Tom Yum Thick Soup with option of prawns, fish or chicken. Ingredients are also making a huge different we use local products such as swordfish and king prawns from Pramburi.

We use local fresh herbs from our garden e.g. lemongrass, kaffir lime, chili, lime, holy basil, chili and more that ensure that you have the best Tom Yum. Our Tom Yum Soup is not necessary burning your tongue, balancing the taste is a must, savour is dominant and citrus taste and smell from lime, kefir lime and lemongrass are essentials.


Also if you want to learn how to cook Tom Yum Soup we also offering Thai cooking Class so you will be able to make Tom Yum and other Thai dishes at home.





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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 02:40

About a boy & Tortoises

    Story that's making you smiles  


For those who have been to our Sea Harmony eco house you may hear our tortoises stories from one of us. For those who has not been to our Hua Hin Eco House we have a happy story to share.Apart of Frenchies and fish, we also have five tortoises, two big tortoises ( Beetroot and Muffin) and three small baby tortoises ( Soufflé, Brookie and brownie ). Their favorite foods are grass, Blue Butterfly flowers and Mulberry leaves. They are really active working faster than our dogs and they are such a real eater in our house. They normally walk around and follow our guests hoping that they could have some food.


Every morning we have 6 year old boy his name is “ Chana” who is picking fresh Blue Butterfly flowers every morning and delivering to straight our house before he goes to school.Thus, we are setting a new campaign ( in the beginning it’s just for fun ) in our Hua Hin Eco House where our guests can buy Blue Butterfly flowers for feeding our tortoises. The money from tortoises food we put towards Chana’s piggy bank and saving money for him so that he use his own money without asking his parent. The photos and video below show how graceful of our guests that help Chana to l. earn the value of money. The total collection is 1200 B here is the messages from Chana, you can see how happy he is!! He also wants to tank you every who visit Hua Hin Eco house and help him for this campaign. We cerebrate his first saving money by taking him out for ice cream at Bluport



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Saturday, 23 November 2019 04:50

Best Coffee Real Taste in Hua Hin

Coffee at SEA Harmony Eco House

eco cafe coffee

primitive coffeeQuote of the day

“Life is like coffee, the darker it gets, the more it energizes.”
― Ankita Singhal

This is such a perfect coffee quote for me. I am a coffee lover myself so open coffee shop is my

Practical my dream job. Let’s talk about our coffee before talking about how are we became your favorite Hua Hin coffee maker at SEA Harmony Eco House Hua Hin.

Our Coffee Beans

We used Arabica coffee beans from Thailand’s High Land Chang Mai and Cheng Rai where the cold climate accommodates Arabica beans. Our coffee beans were harvested from North and freshly roasted in Hua Hin.

Real Coffee Taste

eco coffee grinder


The best words to describe our coffee at Hua Hin Eco House is “our coffee is tasted just like coffee” – it has good coffee aroma and coffee taste and there is nothing else ! how simple it “ our coffee late like real coffee” You may be wondering about commercial statements that describe their coffees

Quakery – Woody – Chocolatey – Nutty -Mellow – Caramelly – Bouguet. For god’s sake our life is too short to make coffee taste like something else!

coffee chart huahin

coffee ground huahin

Let’s drink coffee that taste like real coffee no hidden flavor. From our coffee menu we have cover all basic types of coffee e.g.Espresso, Long Black (americano), Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Flat white, Mocha coffee and our SEA Harmony Eco House signature coffee – Primitive coffee

Primitive Coffee

eco coffee hua hin


Primitive coffee is Asian style drip coffee style which is the old method that Asian ( Vietnamese, Lao, Burmese and Thai ) making coffee with condense milk. This Primitive coffee at our café taste smooth and congenial aroma and sweet which is different from others because we use old primitive coffee grinder drip on condense milk. The old primitive coffee grinder has been inherited from my uncle I cannot remember the year exactly I only can tell that it before 1970. It was imported from First Czechoslovak Republic which it can enhance coffee aroma by the mechanism inside the grinder use compress method rather than cutting with blade in our modern grinders. The best way to describe the taste our Primitive Coffee is Drink it.


coffee grinder

Here is more info about our coffee shop at SEA Harmony Eco House Café or visit page

               Eco House Cafe and restaruant           

Breakfast - lunch - brunch - dinner

open 8 am to 8 pm close on Wednesday

Eco House Cafe by SEA Harmony

Booking Tel 085 109 2680  Node

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Friday, 22 November 2019 07:32

Hua Hin Vegan Eco Cafe

    Hua Hin Vegan Eco House Cafe & restaruant   

Thai   Fusion    Western   Vegan Vegetarian 
  Cafe  Coffee shop    Dessert

Breakfast - lunch - brunch - dinner

open 8 am to 8 pm close on Wednesday

Eco House Cafe by SEA Harmony

Booking Tel 085 109 2680  Node

Our Vegan Menu see below



Address : SEA Harmony Eco House Takiab 6 Tucked in Takiab 6 or refer to google map

or search eco cafe hua hin

grilled vegetable hua hin


Are you looking for Hua Hin tasting local fresh ethnic vegetarian food of vegan food? You are coming
to the right place. Hua Hin Eco House Café by SEA Harmony offer extensive range of vegan foods/vegetarian foods for you while you are visiting Hua Hin.

eco house hua hin dogvegan salad hua hin
We are focusing fresh local homemade vegan/vegetarian foods with homey eco friendly environment. Myself (Node) and Aunty Marry have been creating vegetarian menus at Hua Hin Eco House over than 10 years. Our food is simple and different from other standard cafes/restaurants in Hua Hin. The key is “attentive details”  where we are carefully select or grown vegetable ingredients, then carefully create tasty dishes to you.

Moreover, we are still committing to minimize zero waste from our kitchen wastes making eco friendly café in Hua Hin.

Here are our vegetarian/vegan menu

 food at hua hin eco cafe


                                drink ice coffeeeco house hua hin


eco cafe hua hin

This is vegan // vegetarian // healthy /clean foods   some of menu contain milk, eggs, garlic or  onion we can substitutes with

-    Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut milks
-    Selective vegetables
-    Organic Rice
    Please inform our staff before you placing order



Harmony Grilled Veggies*   (v) 190
grilled mixed organic vegetables with local Hua Hin sweet potato or Tortilla Española                             
Continental Breakfast 190                      
mixed fresh fruit platter, yogurt, cornflakes, muesli, toast and milk  (soy milk also avaiavble)                                                        

Eco Salad with Tofu or Poached egg (v)  180
mixed organic salad and poached egg serving with thai salad dressing            

Grilled Vegan *  (v)      180
grilled , seasonal organic vegetable, gouda cheese with crusty healthy grilled bread

Harmony Aubergine Omelet*  or vegan rice sheet warp (v)  180
organic aubergine & mixed vegetables omelet with fresh thai basil serve with crusty bread

Typical Thai breakfast 90
boiled jasmine rice soup & ginger with mixed vegetables with egg or without eggs
Mixed fruit platter  190



   Main Course & more   

Whole Food Salad   (v)  180
organic seasonal vegetables with signature black sesame dressing

Vegan Harmony Spring Roll* (v)   150
Clear noodle vegetable,wrap in spring roll sheet

Vegan Satay Skewers Sensation (v)  180
Tofu with homemade peanut sauce
Grilled Tofu with Salad    (v) 180
vegan‘s favorite grilled with salad

French Fries  (v)     120

Vegan Fried Rice 90
simple the best fried rice with vegetables / egg also optional

Tropical Fried Rice*      150
special fried rice with pineapple, vegetables tofu
Royal Pad Thai Vegetables (v)       120
authentic pad thai with hints of tamarind and palm sugar
wrap in egg she     or  rice sheet for vegan/vegetarian

Vegan Gapaw Holy Basil*    180
hot and spicy beans and tofu with garlic and holy basil

Harmony Stir Crazy *     250
our signature stir fry triple crunchy – beans, tofu, veggies         cooked in homemade sauce, cashew nuts

Vegan Chuchee    180
thick creamy crunchy vegetable and tofu curry

Harmony Massaman Curry Set *        250
famous grandma’s recipe with tofu -   rice & salad

Tom Yum/ Tom Kha Soup*     180
thai famous hot and sour with vegetables

Garden Green Curry       180
light cream fresh curry with vegetables
 Mixed Vegetable Harmony    180
mixed organic vegetables stir fry

Steamed Wild Rice      30
Coconut Rice                     50
Roti Bread                              50


Fruit platter         150
Mango Sticky rice           150
Ice cream                                99
Affogato                                      75

Today's special  is on the board

      *        recommended dishes MUST TRY
    (v)      vegetarian option also available upon request




vegan eco salad

hua hin food on table

food huahintropical muffingarden

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