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Sea Harmony Eco Lodge - ECO CAFE - Bed and Breakfast B&B

SEA Harmony Eco Guesthouse 8/10 Takiab 6 Takiab Village Hua Hin 77110 

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         ECO House         

Unlike other standard hotels, SEA Harmony Eco House offers you truly "home" feeling - you can get local & tourist info direct from us, enjoy homegrown & homeblogmade cooking, soaking in warm welcome making you feel make you feel at ease. SEA Harmony uses natural resources wisely and only one place where your host, Node & Indy pay attention to small details from growing our own vegetables to serve on your table and making you feel like staying "home"

" Travel like local " from our real travel experiences around Hua Hin and Thailand, we could help you to travel like local and you can also read our stories and blog from our website.



You can choose from our 5 boutique rooms where each room reflect its own character and designs. Find more about our room on our website.


Planing your Holiday in Hua Hin and stay to a place like home at SEA Harmony Eco house by booking direct from our website you could get great deal from our website. Simply get our promotion code or contact us for the deal.



Travel like Local ! your host Node and Indy travel around Hua Hin and Thailand giving you practical travel guide from our personal experiences. What to do? where to eat, how to get there we can help you.

        OUR BOUTIQUE ROOMS        
distinctive designs

SEA Harmony is a boutique  guesthouse B&B comprising  of five guest rooms.
Each room has a unique design with different layouts for each room. Each individual room presents its own character, this page will provide more details about our boutique room so that you can choose the right one for you. Our five en-suite guest rooms have been refurbished and we always renovate our house bringing you a comfortable home stay for guests, which soon become friends. From five different guest rooms, we offer four room types based on the floor and deck name – Top Deck (Amber room), Balcony Deck (InnWhite room), Promenade Deck (Cushy and Classic Rooms) and Lower Deck (Navy Room).

SEA HARMONY        Eco Room


A ll of our rooms have been eco-friendly designed to reduce energy consumption through reusing our natural resources effectively. The rooms have a constructive layout and use technologies such as an installed solar socket, grey-water reuse and black-water retreat system, a natural wind allows the air  and breeze flow; we grow aqua-plants to generate coolness; and combine solar driven water pumps to circulate water in the garden to increase a pleasantly cool breeze. We are committing to reducing carbon footprint and green house gases.

The house itself produces electricity using photovoltaic cells,  also known as solar energy. This supplies our entire house and most of lightings at night and it used to back up the main power supply when outages occur.

You will be ensured a stay in a safe and sustainable environment.

Top Deck              Amber


Chroma colour blending with earthy green and brown are represented in the Amber room at SEA Harmony. My inspiration for designing this room simply came from overlooking the scenic view from its balcony.

The view from Amber’s balcony, faces two mountains from the south ( Khao Krirat) and Khao Sanam Chai from the west floating green treetop.

The mountains are coved with many trees where theirs roots grow down through piles of grey and brown stones inspiring me to capture this natural scenic view into this room.

The room comprises one king size bed and modern black granite bathroom. The private balcony shows the western side of Takiab Village where the array of rusty rocky mountains are formed.

Promanade Deck   Classic


The classic room is done great vibrant brown and yellow to reflect French and Thai fusion designs. This room has a real “ Home “ character.

All the wooden elements in the classic room create a homey atmosphere such as the sea pine wooden bed, cane chair, teak wooden floor, wooden picture rails and wooden birdcage bedside table.

This room is particularly special to me as I hand built the bed and install wallpaper and picture rails. I must admit that the classic is my own carpentry lesson.

Classic room is located on the second floor of the house adjacent to the promenade deck rooms where the main living room is just step away from your door.

Promanade Deck  Cushy


An eye catching bed-wall decoration using vibrant cushions is our derived concept  produces the catchy name “ CUSHY”. This is the most modern room in term of look and feel among our 5 boutique rooms.
The idea of this decoration came from reusing cushions that we had around the house. Instead of getting rid of them or selling them  we decided to put them all together creatively in this room as a cushion show case.

This room has also inspired a lot of our guests who previously stayed in Cushy Room to renovate their own bedroom by showcasing some objects of their favourite collectable items on their bed wall, visit our Facebook page for our guests’ inspirations.
If you are seeking your own decorative inspiration then Cushy might be the one to ignite your creative juice!

Sustainable eco living in harmony. Sea harmony is the first eco friendly guesthouse in Thailand
Khao Takiab beaches are the most popular & Low-key long beach in Hua Hin
Short distance walk to Takiab peninsula
Five Boutique guest rooms


               Home Away FROM Home            
Sea Harmony Eco Lodge - Guesthouse - Bed and Breakfast B&B

SEA Harmony Eco Guesthouse HuaHin 8/10 Takiab 6 Takiab Village Hua Hin 77110  VIEW MAP 





Notices : Covid 19 Update and restrictions at our Eco House
  • We are committing to provide a SAFE home for our family and our guests making sure that our house  is a safe "home " away from home. Therefore, our eco house is still opened.
  • Every guests who enter to our house are required to provide your travel information and health examination.
  • All our staff are our family, we are staying at our home and follow oronavirus (COVID-19) health and safety practise.
  • At our house we frequently clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces using your standard cleaning products.
  • Customers from travel agency websites ( e.g. Agoda, Booking.com and others)  are required qurantined at designated area - short stay is not accepeted and your booking will be refunded if fails to our Health and Attitude Check.
  • Our house is suitable for long term guests ( 7 nights minimum ) who are looking for " home away from Covid 19".
  • For more info about our  house and restriction please contact us



huahin hotel guesthouse 


             Enjoy local lifestyle with truly home atmosphere            


SEA Harmony Eco Lodge Bed and Breakfast Hua Hin, a real home away from home experience in the quaint seaside village of Khao Takiab - where you can truly relax and soak up the warm homey atmospheres by friendly hosts Node and Indy. All overlooking the mystical, iconic Khao Sanam Chai & Khao Takiab known as monkey mountain or Hua Hin Chopstick mountain walking distance to Takiab peninsula.

With five different boutique unique rooms are great place for all travellers who looking for a charm, comfort, distinctive holiday home in Hua Hin/Cha am.





home away from home

               Your Friendly Host           

We are (Node and Indy) family run business you will feel ease and welcome with all details at our eco house

" Just like home " Also we have 3 Frenchie and 5 tortoises that you can enjoy homey and soak with warm hospitality.










food huahin



 our special treats

               Home Cooking           

Myself ,Node and my Aunt Marry have booking cooking for our guests with finest selected ingredients. My secret t is " LOVE " this will be passing from our plates to you. If you have not tried our food you are not yet in Hua Hin, our Eco Cafe has been awards to No. 1 PLACE TO EAT by Tripadvisor over 5 years











huahin cafe




sustainable home

               Hua Hin Eco House           

SEA Harmony Eco House is the first and only guesthouse that committing eco living. We are concern about green energy, harmony life and waste management












Node @ SEA Harmony

Node @ SEA Harmony

Saturday, 19 April 2014 00:00

SEA Harmony Hua Hin guesthouse

               SEA HARMONY             
Eco Lodge guesthouse B&B

Tranquillity is the  perfect word to describe SEA HARMONY ECO LODGE

        OUR HOME             

SEA harmony home


SEA HARMONY is a real house where you  can truly relax and enjoy a warm feeling of home atmosphere. More than just accommodation, at SEA HARMONY you will  experience truly warm hospitality from your host Node, Indy and our family. The cosy  environment of the house, just a short distance from the beach, creates a  charming and inviting home atmosphere.

SEA Harmony is comprising total 7 bedrooms ,cafe, garden, large living rooms and garden. To make our guests live in peace and at ease like a comfortable private home ,we are only offering  5 rooms for you so you will be ensured that we are still keep " Home" atmosphere with no overcrowded.

SEA Harmony  is a rare find in the Thailand and offers something very different than that of larger traditional hotels. Our concept is simple. We are providing home away from home atmosphere with all truly " HOME " elements.

  • Homegrown organic vegetables
  • Home generate electricity from solar energy
  • Homemade cooking
  • and more home service

Whether you are traveling to Hua Hin for holiday, business or pleasure, don't settle for a standard commercial hotel room, instead, make yourself at home in the intimate surrounds of Hua Hin local village, where the local lifestyle blends with home comforts.

If you are looking for a unique Thailand boutique hotel accommodation experience in a warm, friendly and personal environment, then SEA Harmony is exactly what you are looking for.

Takiab Village                      


SEA Harmony Our house is located in the quaint village of Khao Takiab Hua Hin . Our house is located in perfect location surrounded by Takiab Valley Mountains ( Khao Takiab, Khao Kri, Lart and Sanam Chai, Khao in thai means Mountain) on the South and West, the beach is on the East so you would be able to see the view from our balcony.

Only a few minutes’ walk from SEA HARMONY, you and your loved one can walk to the quiet beach, with beautiful clean sand and views of scenic Khao Takiab Mountain, known locally as Chop stick Mountain.You can also walk up to Khao Takieab to view the sunset from the temple at the top of the mountain. It’s a breaking panorama.


              BOUTIQUE ROOMS             


SEA Harmony offers six unique guestrooms, with just a big open living room in the middle of the house, allowing for individual guest privacy.

All rooms comfortably accommodate  for two guests ,however, we can arrange extra bed for additional guest for low cost.


Friday, 18 April 2014 00:00


SEA Harmony New Website  Ranked #1 of 230 Hua Hin B&B and Inns


From the moment I walked into Sea Harmony I was totally relaxed.

Node and Indy were instantly warm and welcoming, as were their gorgeous dogs Kacha and Pella.

My room was beautifully styled and there was plenty of space and my own private bathroom.

The guesthouse has a constant sea breeze flowing through it so it was never hot. Node and Indy are into living a sustainable life and the Sea Harmony Guesthouse has it's own vegetable garden, tanked water, and solar power.

Another lovely aspect of staying at the Sea Harmony is the café Yummy Corner, which Nod and Indy run also. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all delicious here. It also has the best coffee in town.

Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing experience Sea Harmony!  ............................Kelly Australia


Friday, 18 April 2014 00:00

How away from home

Home away from home.

Our Guesthouse has truly created homy feeling, Node and Indy cater all details to our guests making you feel part of Takiab Village e.g. homemade foods, special breakfast, homemade dinner or indulge local lifestyle with our Hospitality. The home concept of SEA Harmony Eco home came from my own traveling experiences from different places among various countries. 

I always looking for a small accommodation e.g. guesthouse,B&B or small hotel  to stay where the owners or staff passion with the business they do. More often I have found new friends from my trip. In return I have met a lot of guests who booked our room to stay with us, then, we become friends.  At SEA Harmony, we let our guests making themselves like a private home where we are always here to help if required.



Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

what's news

updateWhat's news

Do you have problem at Hua Hin? Where or who should you lodge a complaint? There is another solution for you!

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

How Eco We Are

How Eco We are?
homeboxecoOur house is designed to be environmentally friendly using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint, minimum wastes and lowers energy need.

sustainable eco living in harmony


Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

SEA Harmony Eco Lodge New Look

Welcome SEA Harmony New Website.    


Most of you have visited SEA Harmony Hua Hin website could tell that things around here don’t look like they used to.

After two and a half years that we have luanched “ SEA Harmony Guesthouse”, we are now happy to present a new website with an new concept “ SEA Harmony Eco Lodge”

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 00:00

SEA Harmony New Look

homeboxnewwebWelcome to SEA Harmony New Website
Most of you have visited SEA Harmony Hua Hin website could tell that things around here don’t look like they used to.
After two and a half years that we launched SEA Harmony Guesthouse Website, we are now taking further step convert our home to eco home so we are presenting our home on the new website with an new concept “ SEA Harmony Eco Lodge”


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 Booking rooms with us directly from our website

help you&us saving money


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