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How to get here

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homeboxtogethereSEA Harmony is sharing story to you  about an easy way to go  to Hua Hin and SEA Harmony. There are many tricks and tips that you should know if you haven't been to Hua Hin Before.

Our own experiences about all transport here  are making you understanding and find the best traveling options.



Trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin run daily from Hua Lumphong Station to Hua Hin Station. The ticket cost from 44 B to 202 B depend on services types

Checking the timetable on the website:


Travel by train seems to be the cheapest option and the negative side is train in Thailand always DELAY. If you are booking third class train, you would experience your bum soared due to hard-wood seat, crowed passengers and massive delay ( because government offers  free 3 rd class Train ticket for Thais) . It can be take up to 6 hours depend on your tickets and unexpected incident!



Most of you who ‘ve never been in Thailand before you have to learn a new terminology of using Thai buses. When you mention “BUS” to Hua Hin there are three different terms

BUS = usually refer to the Blue VIP Bus  from Bangkok ( South Terminal ) to Hua Hin cost around 200 B, taking about 3 hours. There are pros and cons for any buses
Pros : More leg, room Comfortable, Toilet on broad, no luggage charged
Con:  slow as the size of the bus is big and difficult to divert to any short cut, South terminal is far from city centre( therefore you end up pay more ) and  the bus service only a few times per day

MINIBUS = VAN = Mini Van = they are all the same but call differently  they are more than 4 diferent Van Companies and they are terminated diffrent locations.
Van is quick which takes less than 3 hours.
The big negative are risky, they are fast ( there are  a lot of accident reports ) and very small.Also you have to pay extra when you have extra lougges or bags

Therefore, when you are referring “bus” make sure you specify more details to prevent your misunderstanding!


Airport bus
There are airport bus from Su-wan-na -pum Airport ( suvarnabhumi airport, I wrote the way the airport should be pronounced) cost 303 B
I found that this is very comfortable and reliable service compare with other option above.
Check out the bus fare and timetable on http://www.airporthuahinbus.com/
You could book it online and plan your trip ahead!



There are only a few services flying to Hua Hin and these services have been changed very often, I think I won’t mention this option too much. Also I have found the website of Hua Hin Airport is useless. Here is the link http://www.huahinairport.com   and let me know if you found the website useful !

Apparently Thai Lion Air Flying to Hua Hin check out the website http://www.lionair.co.id/default.aspx

Taxi or Car

I think this option is the most convenience but it would be a little more expensive than public transport.
Taxi from Hua Hin to BKK or vice versa cost around 1800 - 2500 B depend on the company and taxi types. I will write more about Taxi Services later as there are  a lot of factors to be concerned.
If you wish us to arrange taxi for you with Hua Hin Taxi Company please contact us 48 hours in advanced.


HUA HIN to SEA Harmony


Just incase you are driving to SEA Harmony. You can get the navigator from google map to our house. From Hua Hin City you are keep drink about 10 mins before Fly OVER Bridge turn left to Takiab Village then continue driving about 1 KM looking the sign on your right “ Takiab 6 “ Then turn right to our guesthouse.

If you are taking the taxi the from Hua Hin city and train station, the easiest way is tell the driver to go to SEA Harmony Takiab 6 OR  pass my telephone number to the driver I will deal with the driver .
The standard price for the taxi is round 150-200 B depend on the type of vehicles and your negotiation skill!

NOTE : Taxi in Hua Hin is not the same as Bangkok Taxi meter. It’s more like personal car with little sign on the car or pick up car with the roof.

Public Transport

Most of  Buses or Vans you drop you off at  Hua Hin Clock tower near Hua Hin Temple. From there you could take the green mini bus ( Song Teaw ) on the same side of the Clock Tower and make sure it ’s Green Bus and it will be terminate at Khao Takiab coz there are many colour of buses go different routes.

The public green bus usually take around 20 - 30 mins to our guesthouse. To get off the bus  you just bus the bell on the bus and allow  approximately 2 mins for the driver prepare to stop.
The bus will pass Amari Hotel on the left and after about 400 meters keep looking on the right and get off at “ Takiab 6"


 If you want more info about getting to HH or around please feel free to email me.

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