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 Hot Deal

 Direct booking means no commission to middle man so we can return all benefits direct to you

When you book any room direct from our website you will get

cheaper  we offer more than 10 % OFF cheaper than agency website if you find anywhere cheaper please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

freedrinks you will be receiving 2 sets of  complementary drink ( blue butterfly flower drink on arrival and  free fusion drink voucher from eco cafe

 discounts  special 10% discount when you order food/drink at eco cafe while you stay at our eco house or come back next time

support our friendly services regarding your booking and your trip around Thailand we are more than happy to assist you

What's more you might get special offer from us e.g. upgrade your room,  complementary dessert and so on



Simply book your room direct you will automatically get above deal straight away

How important of your direct booking?

Yes indeed...... It's really helping us and other small local businesses. Most of local business around the globe has significant impact on aggressive competition of Hotel-booking websites.  Sound good to be true "Lowest prices guarantee" from booking websites is actually hurt small businesses and interrupt pricing system.


Have you ever experience the situation where you make a research about your accommodation online then when you wish to book the same price that you made the research at the hotel counter and you were told that you cannot really get the same price ( even in your sense think booking direct SHOULD be better for hotel? ) ???

Yes, we have been there and done that all over most places when we traveled and  around the world starting to have the same problem. This is because the pricing system is controlled by Hotel- booking agents. There are many restrictions from the agent that small business seem to have more hassle than big hotels.

For instance, small businesses cannot afford to buy Channel manager software license to mange allotment and pricing so administrator from small business has to adjust the system manually when required.

Next time when you book your accommodation make sure you book direct to the owner ( it may be cost you more in this stage ) but we believe together we will change entire market.


Thank you for your cooperation


Node and Indy