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Open Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday & Sataurday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Please contact us on +6685 1092680 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for booking

Finest Healthy Foods with personal touch & Experiencing our host with Truly “Home” atmosphere and cooking with loves at SEA Harmony Eco Cafe.

Our Eco Cafe offers somethings very different than other standard restaurants, we provide you more than just  good foods - we add “ home” which is our key element into every single detail. Our home-grown organic vegetables, herbs and fruits together with our finest selections are key ingredients. We cater to you finest home cooking dishes aw well as vegetarian food and food allergy requests  e.g.  Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, and other allergies.

Things that you should know: 

1. Booking is Essential

2. We have two french bulldogs as our family members. Dog phobia shall inform us in advance

3. Call us  if you need direction we speak English we are tucked in Takiab 6
4. This is not a standard restaurant you are coming to our home with real hospitality so that Eco house may not be suitable for big tour group or bargain eaters 5.  We can cook with special dietary please inform us in advance


 Our foods

SEA Harmony prouds to present Thai Street Food to our guests. We love Thai food and we believe it reflects  the Thai culinary culture.

Node and Aunty’s Marry have been creating exciting Thai dishes to our guests. The grand mom style cooking recipes collaborating with Node's food fusion skills produces beautifully delicious dishes on the table.

Homegrown vegetables and local organic vegetables are the key ingredients. We have grown organic vegetables in SEA Harmony’s backyard and  use local supplies from Takiab Village.  What you see is what you get, at SEA Harmony Eco Cafe our guests can pick organic vegetable from our backyard and we can create healthy lunch and dinner menus for you. Simply ask Node and Indy about our seasonal organic vegetables and special menu.



Coffees and Drinks
Coffee lovers must try our coffee at Eco Cafe. Indy and Node traveled around the globe to find the best coffee technique and barista classes. Our coffee has been selected from Cheng Rai the best area for coffee grown, The beans are then  and carefully roasted in Hua Hin to produce the high standard 100% Dark Arabica coffee.


Booking is essential as we have limited tables and organic vegetables each day.

 (V) Vegetarian option - mean we could customise your vegetarian dishes

* ** Recommended dishes must try




1.   English Breakfast                                   
poached eggs, bacon, sausage, baked  beans,hams served with our selection of grilled vegetables & bread















 2.   Harmony Grilled Veggies*   (v) 
grilled mixed organic vegetables with Tortilla Española 














3.  Continental Breakfast                         
mixed seasonal fresh fruit platter, yogurt, cornflakes, muesli, milk, toast                                                            

4.  Eco Salad Poached egg   (v) 
mixed organic salad and poached egg serving with signature black sesame salad dressing            















5.   Grilled Panini*  (v) 
grilled chicken, seasonal organic vegetable, gouda cheese with crusty healthy grilled bread


6.  Issan Breaky
thai-Issan signature button sausages served withTortilla Española, fresh vegetables and sticky rice



7.   Harmony Aubergine Omelet* (v)        
organic aubergine & mixed vegetables omelet with fresh thai basil served with crusty bread















8.   Typical Thai breakfast *  (v)                        
boiled jasmine rice soup & ginger with choice of marinated pork ball/prawns

9.   Chorizo scrambled eggs *                       

sauteed onion  with Spanish chorizo on scramble eggs served with crusty bread

Mixed fruit platter                                       















First course

10.  Satay Skewers Sensation** (v)                                                    
signature flame grilled satay chicken with homemade peanut sauce — MUST TRY

11.   Harmony Spring Roll* (v)                                           
marinated whole prawn with homegrown organic dill wrapped in spring roll sheet

12.  Spring Roll Vegetable/Pork (v)                                               
simple the best spring roll choice of pork or vegetables

13.  Sensational BBQ pork*  

pork fillet marinated with honey sauce and homegrown herbs with sticky rice & salad

14.   Whole Food Salad*   (v)                                

organic seasonal vegetable & grilled chicken with signature black sesame dressing

15.  Garden Salad    (v)                                                  
Organic and home grown vegetables  with signature black sesame dressing

16.   Grilled Tofu with Salad    (v)                                               

vegan‘s favourite grilled tofu with signature black sesame dressing

17. GADO GADO Salad       180

Indonesian vegetable salad with poached eggs and peanut sauce dressing

18. Club Sandwich and salad   (v)
 fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise sandwich

19.  French Fries  (v)                                                          


Love our salad and you can’ t get enough !  we also sell our salad dressing made fresh by your order here

Eco Signature Salad Dressing   150

Today's special  is on the board

      *        recommended dishes MUST TRY
    (v)      vegetarian option also available upon request


Second course

20. Fried Rice Chicken  

simple the best fried rice with chicken and vegetables

21. Tropical Fried Rice*                                                120

special fried rice with pineapple, vegetables, cashew nuts & chicken

22.  Royal Pad Thai chicken/prawns* (v)

authentic pad thai with hints of tamarind and palm sugar
wrap in egg sheet

23. Spaghetti Bolognese / Drunken Spaghetti    190

just another spaghetti with Italian minced beef-based sauce
Or Thai tangy spicy spaghetti with smoked bacon and dash of liquor

24.  Garlic and pepper chicken/beef/pork         

simple the best thai  dish with our tangy homemade sauce
 your selection of meat

25. Gapaw Holy Basil*                                                  190
hot and spicy chicken with garlic and holy basil

26.  Harmony Stir Crazy **                                           250
our signature stir fry triple crunchy – chicken, prawns, and veggies            
cooked in homemade sauce, cashew nuts

27.  Sensational BBQ pork*                                                              

pork fillet marinated with honey sauce and homegrown herbs with sticky rice & salad

28.  Satay Chicken                                                    

stir fry chicken with satay peanut sauce


Second course  cont.

29.   Healthy Chicken Steak        290
grilled chicken marinated with smoked paprika and safflowers centred with gouda cheese served with signature kaffir lime
salad dressing

30.  Chuchee Chicken*                                 190
thick creamy crunchy chicken curry

31.  Harmony Massaman Curry Set *                       250

famous grandma’s recipe (chicken or beef) with  rice & salad

32.  Tom Yum/ Tom Kha Soup*                                                  190/250
thai famous hot and sour with choice of prawns or chicken

33.  Garden Green Curry                                                                    190
light cream fresh curry with chicken
34.  Mixed Vegetable Harmony                                                 190
mixed organic vegetables stir fry

35.  Steamed  Rice/Wild Rice                                                          20/30
36.  Coconut Rice                                                                50
37.  Roti Bread   with peanut sauce                                                      80

Dessert - please enquire for more special dessert

Fruit platter                                                             160
Mango or Banana Sticky rice                              160
Ice cream                                                                99
Affogato                                                                   90

Today's special  is on the board

      *        recommended dishes MUST TRY
    (v)      vegetarian option also available upon request







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