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ECO CAFE - Bed and Breakfast B&B

Covid 19 Emergency hours Open Daily ONLY Take away and Home Delivery @ 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Closed Wednesday

SEA Harmony Eco Guesthouse 8/10 Takiab 6 Takiab Village Hua Hin  VIEW MAP

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               SEA Harmony Eco Cafe           

Open Daily  from January 2020

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Address : SEA Harmony Eco House Takiab 6 Tucked in refer to google map

Closed Wednesday

Please contact us on +6685 1092680 or for booking

Finest Healthy Foods with personal touch & Experiencing our host with Truly “Home” atmosphere and cooking with loves at SEA Harmony Eco Cafe.

Our Eco Cafe offers somethings very different than other standard restaurants, we provide you more than just  good foods - we add “ home” which is our key element into every single detail. Our home-grown organic vegetables, herbs and fruits together with our finest selections are key ingredients. We cater to you finest home cooking dishes aw well as vegetarian food and food allergy requests  e.g.  Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, and other allergies.

This is not a standard restaurant you are coming to our home with real hospitality so that Eco house may not be suitable for big tour group or bargain eaters We can cook with special dietary please inform us in advance


Our foods

SEA Harmony prouds to present Thai Street Food to our guests. We love Thai food and we believe it reflects  the Thai culinary culture.

Node and Aunty’s Marry have been creating exciting Thai dishes to our guests. The grand mom style cooking recipes collaborating with Node's food fusion skills produces beautifully delicious dishes on the table.

Homegrown vegetables and local organic vegetables are the key ingredients. We have grown organic vegetables in SEA Harmony’s backyard and  use local supplies from Takiab Village.  What you see is what you get, at SEA Harmony Eco Cafe our guests can pick organic vegetable from our backyard and we can create healthy lunch and dinner menus for you. Simply ask Node and Indy about our seasonal organic vegetables and special menu.

Coffees and Drinks

Coffee lovers must try our coffee at Eco Cafe. Indy and Node traveled around the globe to find the best coffee technique and barista classes. Our coffee has been selected from Cheng Rai the best area for coffee grown, The beans are then  and carefully roasted in Hua Hin to produce the high standard 100% Dark Arabica coffee.

We do Takeaway Food and Home Delivery


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