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Sunday, 19 October 2014 00:00

Another Holiday in Hua Hin

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Yah…hooooo we are taking another HOLIDAY

Last month we took holiday and stayed at HUA HIN Downtown, you probably recall  my previous story on SEA Harmony website.e10242678-30We reckon  we should do it every month, this is such  a great idea to explore around Hua Hin or Thailand and share our experiences.  
 We had been invited to take another holiday and stayed in "Khao Takiab resort” by the ex manager of this resort.

I am not kidding and I knew it sounds funny that Indy and I were trying very hard time off so we chosen our trip spending our times in Takiab Village resort called “ Paskani”. You are probably knowing about Takiab village from my website where there are a lot of locals and boutique resorts.  Paskani is located on the beach side of  Takiab Peninsula and it ’s very accessible resort locate on Takiab 5, in fact only 2 mins walk from SEA Harmony. We started the journey in the evening late check in coz we very used to the way to this resort ( we walk our dogs passing this resort everyday) it’s only step way from our guesthouse. The resort is almost the far-end of Takiab 5 close to the beach ( say about 100 meters)

The first impression about this resort is peacefulness and well kept resort, the white and blue Caribbean style are very great compatible  with sunny Hua Hin beach. We were staying at room 202 where we can sit down on the patio enjoy the carpal view and neighbour view. The room decoration is simple and well plan which you won’t see the electric cable around the wall or the celling like others. This room only a few meter away from swimming pool. After checking in we were wondering around the resort finding something to eat and only Madam Green restaurant is around. We won’t go to Madam green

Indy and I jumped up on our motorbike heading back to SEA Harmony Eco cafe for dinner. It sounds like holiday but I still had to come back enjoyed SEA Harmony home cooking for dinner. Then, we went back to the resort and soaking in the swimming pool. It took us only 5 mins, we gotta get off the pool as it was not clean. There was only a few customers stated over on Monday night so it was super quiet and peaceful (we only heard grasshopper singing outside). What I like about this resort is the way they utilize their space, they are able to put all facilities e.g. cafe, reception, rooms, swimming pool and so on, very well into limited. space. After staying here, Indy had inspired me to built a decent size of swimming in our house  (so watch out our next project is about to come). After all, we had a great sleep but we checked out early than we expected as there is no breakfast available.

It was very nice to get out of the house staying different place even though it’s very close to our home we love to think that we are still on holiday!
Thank you K Sai for great Escape Holiday ( in Takiab)



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