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Thursday, 24 September 2015 05:53

Rajabhakti Park Featured

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hua hin 7 herosHua Hin 7 wonders :The giant statues of seven great Thai kings

Hua Hin has launched a new tourist attraction and it’s bigger and faster than ever !  The new  attraction is located opposite SEA Pine Garden, Hua Hin Thai army beach.
The King Rama 9 has given the name of this place " Rajabhakti  “ means respect and immortalise of seven former Kings of Thailand.
Before I am going to give you more details about this park, I just want to make sure you pronounce it right! I bet all of you who has no experiences about THAI ( confusing) STYLE cannot pronounce it properly!

Rajabhakti   is not literally pronounced Rat- ja- bak- ki. It’s pronounced “ Rat - Cha - Pak “ similar to Thailand’s airport - Suvarnabhumi airport it should pronounce Su- Wan - Na- Phum.

What is more some of Thai even on the net use " Ratchapakdi Park" This is very confusing!!

Rajabhakti Park has been initiated and partly established by Royal Thai military to honour past Thai monarchs and donated funds by Thais. This is the reason why this park has been builded rapidly (less than 6 months).
A bronze statue of seven Kings were builded in various places of 6 casting factories around Thailand and they were assembled successfully here in Hua Hin in mid August 2015.

From six casting factories in Nakhon Pathom, Lop Buri, Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani and Bangkok, where the statues were made, and transported to Hua in in pieces ,each statue has 13.9-metre-tall and six-metre-wide.
This gigantic park is  located on 222 rai in an army compound near SEA Pine garden. This is also used for special ceremonies, exhibition centre and museum under the kings' statues to display the profiles and contributions of all former monarchs.

More knowledge and pactical infor about this park and Hua Hin we are happy to disscuss when you come here.

There are only 10 mins away from SEA Harmony Eco House and we are able to organise a day trip to Rajabhakti Parki and other tourist attractions nearby.




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