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Friday, 25 September 2015 06:09

Rajabhakti Grand Opening Featured

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Rajabhakti Grand Opening in Hua Hin on 26 September

The bigest event in Hua Hin is now underway and we are ready for it! On 26 September 2015 Hua Hin will be hosting a grand opening ceremony of Rajabjaki Park, the giant statues of seven great Thai King.
We had a sneak peak on the biggest rehearsal  of the opening ceremony last night ( 24 September 2015) which we were told that this is not a complete light and sounds just yet!

The real night will be better and bigger and better. Well we reckon the rehearsal was very impressive and we cannot wait the see the  real one.The lights and sounds show is taking place at the from of Seven Great Kings Statues. The Maha Vajiralongkorn, Crown Prince of Thailand will be a proxy of the King Rama 9 in the opening ceremony.

The 40 mins show comprising 9 historical presentations with tons of excitements e.g. lazer technology, sound, 2300 actors and actress, white elephants, horses and more!

The show was stunning as well as the fireworks were very impressive!!



The 9 episodes lights and sounds show illustrate the history of each great Thai Kings which are

1. King Ram Khamhaeng. 1237/1247 – 1298
A forerunner of the modern Thai Kingdom in Sukhothai Kingdom. The show highlights his missions e.g. creating Thai Alphabets, establish Buddhism as the sate region of Sukhothai Kingdom and he create democracy system ruling his kingdom that was comparable to our current democracy.

2. Naresuan  1555 –1605
He was the King of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. He was given as a Thailand's most revered monarchs as he was known for his campaigns to free Thailand from the Bamars under the Taungoo Dynasty.
The statue of King Naresuan represent the victory and the freedom of Ayutthaya Kingdom.

3. Narai Ramathibodi III  1633 – 11 July 1688

He is the most famous King in Ayutthaya Kingdom. The lights and sounds show represent his talent and his prosperous in international trades and diplomatic management with Persians and the west.
I like this episode personally as it shows multi cultural actors and actress and modernized customs.

4. Taksin  King of Thonburi April 1734 – April 7, 1782
A king of  Thonburi Kingdom. After Ayutthaya Kingdom was invaded by Burmese,he established the city Thonburi as the new capital. You may recall his picture from Thai 20 Bath Note.
Taksin was given the title as Maharaj ( means the great) as he played a vital role in a great deal of attention to politics, administration, economy, and the welfare of the siam country(Thailand).

5.King Rama 1  Phra Phutthayotfa Chulalok  (20 March 1737 – 7 September 1809)

King Rama 1 was the founder and the first monarch of the reigning House of Chakri of Siam. He establish a new capital called "Rattanakosin (now Bangkok)" as the new capital of the reunited kingdom. He also builded a grand palace an the temple in Bangkok to centralize Siam ( Thailand)

6.King Rama IV King Mongkut (18 October 1804 – 1 October 1868)
He  was the fourth monarch of Siam (Thailand).
 He was one of the most revered monarchs of the country. Do you remember the  film The King and I, based on the 1946 film Anna and the King of Siam.
He was named "The Father of Science and Technology” where he studied astrology and English texts on Western astronomy and mathematics. He calculated to predicted a Solar eclipse  on August 18 1986 and pointed out the best view for total eclipse in War Kor area, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, south of Hua Hin. The King Rama 4 statue  illustrates his talent in astrology where he held a telescope.

7. King Rama V (20 September 1853 – 23 October 1910)
The most honorable mission of King Rama 5 was  "Abolition of corvée and slavery” The fist part of the show presents the freedom of Siamese (Thais). Siamese commoners and slaves were closely regulated by the government he had reformed the slavery and abolition. He also had outstanding visions in modern trade and customs which make.

The last show wrap up the Kingdom of Thailand where the King has been a centre of the country. Our King Rama 9 ( King Bhumibol ) has been a beloved King among Thais.

We are very fortunate to attend this rehearsal of the grand opening ceremony so that we have story for you to share with you. We have more Hua Hin attractions and stories to share please feel free to visit us for a chat.


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